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    Street view film camera - Jesse England

    Many of the fantastical images curated from Street View for artistic consumption would be unremarkable if not for the legitimacy-lending presence of the navigational tools burned into the upper left hand corner and the blurring of faces. Ordinary snapshots taken by regular photographers can look more unusual if they choose to use low-grade film cameras or digital filters that emulate the look of such equipment. I think, if I can combine these contemporary ways of assuring the look of the “real,” can the image be twice as legitimate?

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    SEATTLE — Seattle has never been a destination for art collectors. I’ve been here since 2001, and from day one artists have lamented that the deep pockets of our tech zillionaires don’t impact the local art market. Seattle’s uber-tech-mogul billionaire Paul Allen may, however, have just changed that. Six months ago, Allen — co-founder of Microsoft, owner of the Seahawks and a major art collector in his own right — announced he would be co-producing Seattle’s biggest art fair to date with the help of Art Market, a Brooklyn-based company responsible for producing art fairs like Texas Contemporary and Miami Project. Allen is notorious for taking his 414-foot superyacht “Octopus” to the Venice Biennale for the past decade. When he initially suggested Seattle could mount a similar biennial or fair a few years ago, many locals balked. After all, over the past decades we’d tried our hand at fairs — once in the ‘80s and then in the mid-‘90s, with the Affordable Art Fair most recently floundering in 2013. AAF’s two-year attempt to attract sellers and buyers of bargain art met with little enthusiasm; regional gallerists shied from affiliating with cheap goods.

    At Seattle’s First Art Fair, Dealers Chase Elusive Tech Money

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